Sovereign God

by Vineyard Worship feat Dave Miller


[Verse 1]
G      D/F#          Em  D/F#
I am chosen by your hand
G      D/F#          Em  D/F#
Before the world you had a plan
G      D/F#               Em           D/F#
Nothing surprises you, you know it from the start
G       D/F#      Em  D/F#
Sovereign God you are
[Verse 2]
G      D/F#          Em  D/F#
Troubles come and troubles go
G      D/F#          Em  D/F#
Summer turns to winter snow
G      D/F#               Em           D/F#
Through it all your hand is moving constantly
G       D/F#      Em  D/F#
Sovereign God I see
C                           G    D/F#
You hold the world in your hands
G                                                      D/F#     Em
So I will rest in your sovereign hands, rest in your sovereign hands
All worries fade away, I will not be afraid
G                                             D/F#     Em
There is no need to be afraid, there is no need to be afraid
                C             G
You hold everything in your hands
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