Live Ukelele Rock Opera Part 1/3

by Sparky Deathcap


Song #1
[Verse 1]
G                C            D
My name is Misty Steven john dakoda
         G                C              D
I make a living drinving organs for the state
   Em           C                   D
I have love to give but nowhere to put it
Em            C       D
Single male oh yes i am
[Verse 2]
        G              C           D
and id like to meet a pretty young lady
     G           C            D
and marry her before she got away
       Em                  C       D
but the fact remains im hidiosly ugly
     Em             C             D
and nothing ever, ever goes my way
[Verse 3]
           G          C               D
so whilst patients reject replacement organs
      G                C               D
these women they just reject me out of hand
           Em          C              D
but these tires never fail they keep turnin
       Em            C              D
so ill just keep on eating up the land
"a whistling solo now"
"i ran out of organs"
Em C D
Em C D

Song #2
[Verse 1]
Fadd#9                 Fmaj7       Am    Em
When snow falls round here all the roads dissapeer
        Fmaj7           Am           Em
But the mountains they merge like the [?]
     Fmaj7              Am        Em
Or a ghost thats been covered in paint
[Verse 2]
     Fadd#9      Fmaj7           Am         Em
and lorie's jackknife along this dangerous road
         Fmaj7          Am            Em
and the tailights that tailback stand by
      Fmaj7       Am   Em
like a red candle [?] night
[Verse 3]
           Fadd#9         Fmaj7     Am           Em
so now the snows buliding up on the roofs of the cars
         Fmaj7     Am      Em
i know im driving nowhere tonight
        Fmaj7         Am        Em
so lets put all these organs on ice
[Verse 4]
           Fadd#9    Fmaj7       Am            Em
i turn the radio on low and the heater on full blast
       Fmaj7     Am           Em
Celine Dion will serve as a warning
         Fmaj7       Am         Em
which is hours from valintines morning
[Verse 5]
        Fadd#9          Fmaj7         Am                Em
and ill flick through my phone of the names of women i have known
         Fmaj7         Am           Em
ill not call them but collage there hair
             Fmaj7           Am            Em
with all the ol porn mags i found in old sheds
[verse 6]
     Fmaj7        Am           Em     Em
and i listen as snow fall from miles above
     Fmaj7         Am           Em
and shovels around like a blue tip
     Fmaj7     Am             Em
like tap shoes with no one to dance with
E|--------------------------------------------------| x4
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