I Own You

by Coy Poole


Capo: 2nd fret

Dm Em Em Am C
[Verse 1]
Am             Dm           Am    E7
I own you... baby I, I own you...Yeah
So don't be mess'n round
If I ain't in town
      Dm                                    Am     E7
And Don't be drink'n no whiskey, while I'm gone
[Verse 2]
E7          Am          Dm         Am    E7
Cause I own you... baby I, I own you
       Am             Ab
And I can feel you coming over me
    C/G                     F#/C       Fb/C     E  Dm
I loose my sanity, I'm drowning in the jealousy
You're turn'n every head in the room
E7                                              F      G
I think ya got crazy love bottled up in your perfume
G#                                 Am
Lord have mercy bab'a, thank God I own you
Dm      Am
I... I own you
[Chorus 1]
Am                         Ab                      C/G
You know I got the key... the one to set you free, yeah
F#/C       Fb/C                        E
But I... can't take the chains off you
Dm            E7               F         G
You belong to me... and me to you bab'a
G#            Am
Thank God I own you
[Post Chorus]
No baby don't you run
Ab                C/G
Don't ya try to slip away
Dm                                     E7
I'll find ya for the sun rises up on a new day
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