Narcissus 2015

by City Of Orchestras


E       C#m
I had a dream
Where I saw you it seemed
     F#m     B            E
In a wistful mockery of a station
    E             EM9/D#
You held out your hand
         G#m        C#m
Like the son of the damned
        F#m     G#m      C#m
With an offer I couldn't resist
       C#m       G#7
With a kiss upon my cheek
    A               E
You stopped me from saying
   C#m                       G#7           A
We shouldn't think of what's next but just live
     A           B
Your nails in my wrist
          Cmaj Cdim Ebdim  C#m
You're my beau---ti---ful crucifix
    A              B       E
You bring out the worst in me
  A          B
A son, not a man
G#aug Cdim Ebdim       C#m
You had everything you wanted
  A              B       C#m
A selfless narcissist by claim
  F#m  D#dim
And I know
     C#m  B          A
That everything's in stone
    C#m  B          A
And everywhere's my home
    If you're not there
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