Mountains Move

by NCC Worship


[Verse 1]
G               D              A         Bm
In the midst of doubt, You are solid ground
G               D              A
Give us eyes of faith, that we might see
G               D              A         Bm
When fear says turn, we will not back down
G               D              A
You are with us now, we will believe
D                           A/C#
Mountains will move at the sound of your name
    Bm                               A
Our faith is in the Saviour, the God who overcame
D                        A/C#
Standing alive, with our hands lifted high
    Bm                            A
Our confidence made stronger, our courage won't be tamed
G                 A
We will trust and see the mountains move
[Verse 2]
G               D              A         Bm
With a faithfulness, that has never failed
G               D              A
Your provide for us, all that we need
G               D              A         Bm
There are greater things, that are still to come
G               D              A
With our hope in You, we will believe
A             Bm             G              D
Bring us from fear to faith, taking us from shame to strength
A             Bm             G
Nothing is impossible for You
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