Em G Am B 

Em            G 
weary nothing can make me married 
 Am                      B 
resque me from this ness take away this restleness 
Em                     G 
lets make decision to end this division 
Am                                     B 
stop break the passion to rest the joy of unification 
Em          G                   Am     C       Em   
nothing can changed your love forever lasting life 

it doesnt have to be a prophecy 
its up to you can we both sick our destiny 

point of view 
Am   B        C 
marry.....(maria) (2x) 

Stop taking the lie stop taking the lie 
stop taking the lie, every body hear 
Am                          B 
people taking like to home should i cry 
start taking the love start taking the love 
i plead let this different day 
Am                   C 
i`m sick of people, sick of people invidin` 

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                  I’m weary, nothing can make me merry
Rescue me from this mess
Take away this restlessness
Let’s make a decision to end this division
Don’t break the passion
To reach the joy of unification
Nothing can change our love 4 everlasting life

It doesn’t have 2 be a prophecy
It’s up 2 u can we both seek out destiny, point of view
Stop taking the lie 3x
Everybody lie
People takin lie to whom should I cry?
So start taking the love
Start taking the love

I plead let these differences die
I’m sick of people
I’m sick of people dividing us
My lady mery
Role with me baby                
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